Everything in Feliz (Sound, art, music, coding, etc.) was completely made from scratch (with the exception of the font packs used).


Arrows or WASD: Movement
Clicking: Confirm selections on menu
Shift or Control: Run (Hold it down)
Esc: Exit the game (If in pause menu, it closes the pause menu)
R: Reset level
P: Pause game

FOR THOSE PLAYING IN BROWSER: The best way to play is in fullscreen! For some reason , the window will not automatically scale to the size, so make sure to hit the fullscreen button in the bottom right corner!


On a cold night, Navid, one of Santa's most-trusted helpers was tasked to deliver the biggest present of them all to an orphanage. Make sure not to get caught, though! Adults cannot know the existence of Santa!

There are some things in this game that I am dissatisfied with, but I feel like it was a good experience for me overall.


Get to the end of each level by navigating to the glowing door! Avoid all lights while still collecting the optional coins. Boxes can be pushed and moved to either obscure light or press buttons.

**For people rating this game, I created a skip button if you
wanted to get to the ending immediately in case the game is too
hard! It is on the level select screen in the bottom right.


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Feliz.exe 35 MB
Feliz.pck 80 MB


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I'll download it later to have a closer look - it hangs in my browser (Firefox) at the intro text about Santa. Pity, because I love the music, it is very atmospheric.

Sorry to hear that! I had not thought to test it in Firefox, but I will make sure to do so in future gamejams!

Simple concept, simple gameplay, good game. I was a bit after I have to do the same thing over over, and the camera is so small, I only see a cop when its to close, and I often get caught by lights that I didn't see the source of. So its was confusing to catch by random lights, because i have no idea where is the cop, and which direction he will rotate

that’s fair. I should have made a feature that zooms out the screen to see the surroundings, but I didn’t have enough time! Thanks for playing.