This game was created for the Trijam #131 game jam! Unfortunately I was NOT able to create this game in under 3 hours. I am so sorry that I had to go over time :(. My official time was:

4 Hours, 58 Minutes, and 36 Seconds

I was really hoping for the theme "Voices Lead the Way," but I still think genetics wasn't too bad either!

This is my first game jam! I gave myself further limitations: work within a NES color pallet. Some of the assets (like the checkered background, the original frog sprite, and the music) were already created by me before hand, but everything else was created during the jam. Everything within the game was created by me, with the exception of the fonts used, which are royalty free!


Click & DragSelects a frog
EscQuits the game


Attempt to get the goal frog shown in the upper left hand corner by using the frogs on your right. The current frog that you have with all the genes you have created will display in the middle.

In order to start, drag 2 frogs together. From then on, if you want to add genes to your already existing frog, drag it to the middle.

If you want to reset, drag 2 frogs back together and the one in the center will change to match the new combination!

Never Endustries
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
TagsAnimals, Character Customization, Creative, Frogs, genetics, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Trijam
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityBlind friendly, Textless


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Quite the fun game that you have produced here for your first jam, nice work! I found the third combination to be quite specific even when I had the combination correct. Out of curiosity, did you run into scope creep during the jam (where the concept of the game became too big to finish under the deadline)?


Actually, most of my trouble came from the idea itself. For some reason, my code would not work, so nearly half of my time spent was in the main mechanic's bug itself.

Sorry if the specific ones ended up not being completely taken; the way that I checked for a win state is completely arbitrary to the actual final state and looks more at the arrays that may or may not be bugged in the level. I had to leave it like that due to a lack of time.

Thank you for your kind words and playtesting!

That's perfectly fine, jam games can end up this way now and again.